About us

We Established in 2008. Over the time we have differentiated our product range and extended our provider base.

FM Instruments specialize in manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter company offering a range of Gauge products including:

Acrylic Body Rotameter With Isolation ValveAcrylic Body Rotameter With Flange Connection, Acrylic Body Rotameter With Triclover Connection, Acrylic Body Rotameter With Screwed Connection, Acrylic Body Rotameter With Union Connection, Pressure Gauge, Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge, Vacuum Pressure Gauge, Differential Pressure Gauge, Capsule Pressure Gauge, Diaphragm Sealed Pressure Gauge, Triclover Sealed Pressure Gauge, Homogenizer Pressure Gauge, Diaphragm Type Pressure Gauge, Electric Contact Pressure Gauge, Welding Pressure Gauge, Utility Commercial GaugeBiMetal Thermometer, Gas Filled System Thermometer/Temperature Gauge, Mercury in Steel Thermometer/Temperature Gauge, RTD, Thermocouple & Accessories supply to all industry sectors.

We are one of the primary brands in India in our individual field with a stunning bit of the general business and a to a great degree particularly made customer base. We have created from a small team building association to may be the best brand in India today in only a restricted ability to center 9 years. Our intensive extent of things and market invasion discuss our thing quality and sincere market closeness. From its gathering base in Mumbai, India. We uses people from wherever all through the country required in thing exploration, change and amassing.



Safety is the most vital of our center qualities. It is our first need amid each work day.


We have created quality standards employing strict specifications at each stage of product manufacturing.

Customer Support

Our thinking is its devotion to support the customers. We maintain our support to the pursuit of excellence